Dr. Jet Ski has a luxurious and relaxing beach spot just for you!

We know exactly what you want!

Our beach attendants are fully trained on accommodating you as best as possible so you can get the most out of your fun-filled beach day. The attendants can position you in prime beach location so you can maximize your sun tan time or they can put you in a spot where you can enjoy the endless ocean view from many different angles.

You can’t go wrong basking under the sun while relaxing on a comfortable lounge chair and one of our beach type umbrellas.

If you really want to experience a 5 star vacation, just ask one of our attendants
for a personal mattress for you launch chair. Once you sink in one of those and you will know Florida is spoiling you.

Beach Comfort

Chairs & Cushion

All Prices are for a full day rent and include tax

We offer beach chairs, umbrellas, cushion, and even full cabanas to make your day at the beach fun and comfortable for the whole family.


$15 Per chair

Just want to sit and relax? We have a lot of beach chairs available on the beach.

$5 Cushion (mattress)

Upgrade to 100% comfort, we have it all ready for you - grab and enjoy your day on the beach.

$20 Umbrella

Full sunshine or a bit of shade, we have it all.

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Paddle Boards 1 Hour $30

To make your stay a seamless experience. reserve now

Private Cabana All Day $65

Get in touch with us as early as you can to get the best experience. reserve now

Kayak Rentals
in Fort Laudardale
1 Hour

Kayak Rentals

Whether you’re searching for El Dorado or discovering America, a kayak is required. An expedition just doesn’t feel right without a kayak. This is where your journey begins.

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Jet Ski Rentals
in Fort Laudardale
1/2 Hour

Jet Ski Rentals

Don’t let another day go by without experiencing this exhilarating water adventure in Fort Lauderdale!

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